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15 Warning Signs to Look for When Buying Vacant Land

15 Warning Signs to Look for When Buying Vacant Land
October 25, 2016 Haley Page
  1. What is the zoning on the property?
  2. What is the topography of the property?
  3. What is the annual tax obligation?
  4. What public utilities are available? (Water, Sewer, Electric, Gas, Phone)
  5. What are the required building setbacks on the property?
  6. Does the property have any usage restrictions or zoning requirements?
  7. Is the property located in a flood zone?
  8. Does the soil percolate (aka – “Perk”) or have access to a sewer?
  9. Is the property landlocked? If so, are there any easements or access roads to the property?
  10. What is the size and shape of the property?
  11. Does the property have access to a municipal water supply? If not, can you drill a well or have water trucked in (and if so, at what cost)?
  12. Is there a moratorium on building?
  13. What about junk, tires, rubble, gas, oil, or other contaminants on the property?
  14. What were the previous uses of the property?
  15. What do the surrounding properties look like?