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Why Rent When You Can OWN

Why Rent When You Can OWN
August 9, 2016 Haley Page

Are you tired of paying rent without getting anything back?  Why not pay a mortgage instead and start building equity in your own home?

Now is a GREAT TIME to consider the advantages of home ownership.

There are many home loan programs available for first time home buyers.  We can put you in contact with some great Mortgage Brokers that specialize in low or no down payment options.

So does it make more sense to own a home or to rent one?  Owning a home is particularly appealing if you are looking to save money on taxes.  The interest paid on a mortgage as well as any property taxes paid are fully tax deductible.

Millionaires have many ways to reduce their tax bill, but these benefits are one of the few options that working-class, tax-paying Americans can use to lower their tax bill.  Why not see if it makes sense to take advantage of these tax benefits?

Why not give our team a call and we can talk about finding your dream home?